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Measures coronavirus

Because of the coronavirus (COVID-19), the Dutch government takes a number of measures.

Admission to HBO with a study delay in MBO

Have you not been able to complete 1 subject, a few small subjects or your internship before September 1 due to the corona measures? And will you obtain your MBO diploma before 1 January? Then you can already start with higher professional education (HBO). 

You can check with your school whether you meet the conditions.

Student finance for higher education

You will receive student finance for HBO and university if you are also enrolled at an HBO programme. The 10 year eligibility period for higher education also starts then. Are you unable to obtain your MBO diploma before 1 January 2022? In that case, you must stop the HBO programme.

Course fees and tuition fees

You must pay course fees ánd tuition fees in the months that you are enrolled in MBO and HBO.

If you receive your MBO diploma before 1 January 2022, you can request a course fees refund or cancel the instalment plan. You can also ask the HBO institution for a discount on tuition fees. See the information about this on the page 'Your school enrolment’.