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Applying for a DigiD from abroad

You can manage all your affairs with DUO online in Mijn DUO. It’s quick and easy. To log in you need a DigiD. Do you live abroad or in the Caribbean and don’t you have a DigiD? Or does your DigiD no longer work? You can apply for a (new) DigiD from abroad or the Caribbean. You do need to have a valid identity card or valid passport. You also need to have a Dutch citizen service number (burgerservicenummer or BSN).

Applying for a DigiD

  1. Go to Link opent externe pagina and apply for a DigiD. You will receive a service desk code via e-mail and SMS.
  2. Use the service desk code to make an appointment to collect your DigiD activation code at a DigiD service desk Link opent externe pagina near you. You can also collect your activation code via video call Link opent externe pagina .
  3. Use the activation code to activate your DigiD Link opent externe pagina .
  4. Download and activate the DigiD app Link opent externe pagina . This is the easiest way to log in safely.