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Checks performed by DUO

DUO implements various schemes. Checks are performed for all grants to check whether they are justified. We check your information as much as possible with other authorities, such as the the Dutch Tax Authority, the municipality, and the Social Insurance Bank (Sociale Verzekeringsbank, SVB). An overview of the most prevalent checks:

  • Check on students living away from home
    When you receive a grant for living away from home, we will check that you are indeed living away from home. We do this by reviewing the registration data of the municipality and through house calls, among other means.
  • Registration check
    We will check with your school or university whether you are registered. There are also checks on registrations and on foreign allowances for studies abroad.
    If we cannot check the registration with the school, you will receive a letter in which we ask you for proof of registration. For this you can use the form Control enrolment.
  • Income checks
    Are you a student, a student's parent or a refunder? In that case, we check your income with the Dutch Tax Authority.
  • Nationality requirements check
    Do you not have Dutch nationality? Then we will check whether you still meet the nationality requirements for receiving student finance. Are you a student from an EU-country? And do you receive student finance because of an employment contract? Then we check whether you (or your partner or parent) work(s) for at least 56 hours per month in The Netherlands.

Make sure that your information is accurate

Prevent problems and make sure that DUO always has your up-to-date study data, income, and address. When you leave for a foreign country, you yourself must notify DUO of your address abroad. You can submit changes via Mijn DUO. When you leave for a foreign country, arrange your access to Mijn DUO via DigiD before your leave. Please, contact us when you do not have access to Mijn DUO.

Received too much

Have you received too much student finance? In that case, we will deduct the excess from your monthly benefit. If you are not or no longer receiving student finance, we will send you a request for payment. If you do not pay the payment request before its due date, the amount received in excess will automatically become a loan. This loan will then incur interest.

Student travel product fine

Wrongful use of the student travel product in 2022 is subject to a fine of € 79.28 per half a calendar month for the 1st month (€ 81.40 in 2023). After the 1st month, the fine amounts to € 158.57 per half a calendar month (€ 162.82 in 2023). The first half of the month runs up to and includes the 15th day of the month.

Once you have received a notice regarding the fine, you will receive a payment request for a lump sum payment. You can also request a repayment arrangement. A public transportation fine cannot be added to the regular student debt.

Fines and reports

A fine can be imposed in addition to the amount you must repay and the potential student travel product fine. When it concerns large amounts or intentional acts or omissions, DUO will file a report with the Public Prosecutions Department.

Wrongful grant for living away from home

If you have wrongfully received a grant for living away from home, you must obviously pay it back. In addition, DUO can impose an immediately payable administrative fine. That fine amounts to 50% of the excess student finance granted. The Central Fine Collection Agency (Centraal Justitieel Incassobureau, CJIB) will collect this fine. Family members and friends can also be fined, when they have collaborated in the wrongful receipt of the grant for living away from home. In the case of a recurrence, your right to student finance will expire and the fine will become 100%.

Foreign refunders address check

When you move to a foreign country, you yourself must notify DUO of your new address. Do you have to repay a student debt and did you not notify DUO of your address abroad? DUO works together with domestic and foreign authorities to find your address. In that case, you must pay off the arrears arisen at once. After a few warnings, DUO hands over the collection to a bailiff. The associated costs are for your account. You can also encounter difficulties in renewing your password and be included on the judicial list of wanted persons.