If you disagree with a decision taken in response to your notice of objection, you can lodge an appeal with the District Court.

Original decision remains in force

The original decision will remain in force when you lodge an appeal. For example, if you lodge an appeal against a debt, you will still have to repay this debt. You can request a provisional ruling from the Court if this causes great financial problems for you.

Notice of appeal

You can submit a notice of appeal within 6 weeks of the date of the decision made in response to your objection. Make sure you send your letter in good time, enclosing a photocopy of the decision against which you are appealing. You can also submit a digital notice Link opent externe pagina .

A notice of appeal must always include:

  • Your full name and initials
  • Your address
  • Your date of birth
  • Your Citizen Service Number (bsn)
  • The date on which you submit your notice of appeal
  • The decision against which you are appealing
  • Your arguments against the decision
  • Your signature

How to submit

Please send your notice of appeal to your District Court Link opent externe pagina .

The next step

The District Court will send you confirmation of receipt. DUO will respond with a statement of defence. Most appeal cases are heard in open court. The Court will send you an invitation.