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Authorising someone else

DUO is never allowed to give out personal information. We only provide information to the relevant person themselves. If you would like someone else to deal with DUO on your behalf, you need to authorise this person.

How do you arrange authorisation?

You want to authorise someone else You must arrange authorisation via
* Lawyers do not need to be authorised.
retrieve your personal information the Machtiging form
manage your affairs in Mijn DUO DigiD Machtigen Link opent externe pagina
manage your affairs by post the Machtiging form
pay your student travel product fine through a repayment plan the Machtiging incasso betalingsregeling ov-boete form
lodge an objection * the Machtiging voor bezwaarprocedure form

Post to authorised person

You can have your post sent to the person you have authorised. You can arrange this while authorising somebody, or at a later time. If you want to change where your post is sent, you can do so in Mijn DUO, under 'Mijn gegevens'. If this doesn’t work, please use the Wijziging Machtiging form.

Withdrawal of authorisation

Did you authorise someone and do you want to withdraw this authorisation? You can do so at any time. Please use the Machtiging form. Withdrawing an authorisation for Mijn DUO you can do using Digid Machtigen Link opent externe pagina .

Changing your details if you are authorised

Have you been authorised by someone and do you want to change your personal details? Please use the Wijziging Machtiging form. You can also use this form to withdraw the authorisation.