Objection or complaint

You can file an objection againt a decision by DUO. For instance if you application has been rejected.

You can lodge a complaint about DUO’s service. For instance if you have received incorrect information. Or if you feel that you have been mistreated by DUO or one of its staff.

You cannot lodge a complaint about something that happened over a year ago. You can complain on behalf of somebody else. You do not need authorization to do so.

Contact us first

Please contact us before filing a complaint. We may be able to resolve your problem right away.

What to do

  1. Complete the complaints form or, if you prefer, write a letter. Explain clearly what happened and why you are not happy with DUO’s service. If possible, mention the date, the time, and the name of the employee that helped you.
  2. Send your complaint to:

    Klachtenfunctionaris DUO
    Antwoordnummer 392
    9700 VB Groningen
    The Netherlands

You do not need to use a stamp.

What happens next?