Starting a new study programme

Are you currently a full-time student in secondary education or secondary vocational education (MBO) and are you about to start a new full-time study programme? In that case, you are eligible for payments in the months between your current study programme and your new programme. This also applies if your new programme is at a university or an institution for higher vocational education (HBO). This is known as a ‘bridging payments’. The maximum duration for bridging payments is 4 months.

If both your current study programme and your new study programme are at university or HBO, you are not eligible for bridging payments. However, there is 1 exception to this rule: if you are going abroad for your new study programme, you may still be eligible for a bridging payment for the month of September. Enter your details in the programme update assistant.

Submit update

Enter your details in the programme update assistant. It will only take a minute to find out what arrangements you need to make.

Programme update assistantProgramme update assistant

Timely notification of new study programme

Make sure that you notify us of your new study programme before you deregister from your previous programme. This means your student finance will not be interrupted and you will be able to continue using your student travel product.

The deregistration date is usually the date on which you received your official graduation results and not the date of your graduation ceremony. If you do not know your deregistration date, get in touch with your study programme.

Eligibility for student finance

Changing programmes does not always mean your right to student finance starts all over. Go to Student finance: eligible for how long to check for how long you can receive student finance.

New programme cancelled

If you are disenrolled, or decide not to start the new programme, you entitlement to bridging payments stops. Cancel your student finance and your travel product as soon as possible.