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Married or living together

When is a person regarded as your partner by the authorities?

Married or a registered partner

Are you married? Then this person is your partner. If you have a registered partnership, obviously your registered partner is regarded as your partner.

Living together

What if you are not married, nor registered partners, but you do live at the same address? A person you live with is regarded as your partner in these situations:

  • You have a notarial cohabitation contract.
  • You have a child together.
  • You are deemed each other's partners under a pension scheme.
  • You own a house together.
  • You are each other's fiscal partners.
  • You are 27 or older and living with one of your parents ánd your child.
  • You or the other person has a minor child who also lives at the address. Only if 1 of you rents a room from the other, or if you both rent a room from a third party, you are not each other's partners. You must have a rental contract.

Renting a room

Is there an underage child of either of you living at the same address? Then you are regarded as partners. Only if one of you rents a room from the other, or each of you rents a room from a third party, you are not regarded as partners. You will need a written lease agreement.

Living with your parent or child

Do you live with one of your parents, or your son or daughter? This family member is regarded as your partner only if you meet both of these conditions:

  • You are both over the age of 27.
  • One of the situations listed under 'Living together’ applies to you.

Living apart

If you no longer live at the same address and you are planning to separate, you are no longer regarded as each other's partner. If your partner has been admitted to a nursing home, you are still regarded as partners.

EU students

Do you wish to apply for student finance based on the fact that your non-Dutch partner works in the Netherlands for at least 32 hours a month? Then you only have a partner when you:

  • are married, or
  • are in a registered partnership, or
  • can prove that your are in a long-term and exclusive relationship. For example, you bought a house together, or you shared a household for more than 6 months in your country of origin.