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Compensation for lack of basic grant

If you studied for 1 or more years while the student loan system was in place (2015-2023), you did not receive a basic grant during that period. You will be compensated for this financially. This money will be offset against your student debt or paid to you if you no longer have any outstanding student debt.


  • You were eligible for student finance, but not for the basic grant.
  • You studied for at least 12 months under the student loan system. Those 12 months fell within the official duration of your programme.
  • You obtained, or will obtain, your degree within the 10 year diploma period.
  • The degree you obtained is for a recognised Bachelor's programme, Master's programme, or associate degree.

It doesn’t matter if you applied for student finance or not. If you were only entitled to a tuition fees loan or a lifelong learning credit, you are not eligible for this compensation.

The study programme must be listed in the Register Instellingen en Opleidingen (RIO) (link in Dutch) and recognosed by the Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Science. A foreign diploma must be equal to a Dutch higher education diploma. This will be evaluated by Nuffic Link opent externe pagina .

How much and when

The amount of the compensation is €29.92 per month. You can only get the compensation for the official duration of the programme for the diploma you obtained.

  • Did you take all of your Bachelor’s and your Master’s programme under the loan system? And did you obtain your Master’s diploma? If so, you will receive the compensation for the official duration of both the Bachelor’s and Master’s programme.
  • If you only obtained your Bachelor’s diploma, you will receive the compensation for the official duration of your Bachelor’s programme only.
  • Did you receive a basic grant for your university Bachelor’s programme, but did you take your Master’s programme under the loan system? If so, you will only receive a compensation for the duration of the Master’s programme.
  • For an associate degree you will get no more than 24 months’ worth of compensation.
  • If you have received an extension of your student grant due to a disability, the extended months will count towards the allowance.

If you obtained your diploma in or before 2024, you will receive a notice about the compensation in January 2025. If you obtain your diploma in 2025 or after, you will get the notice after DUO has been informed about your diploma by the educational institution.

Automatic notification

DUO will notify you automatically if you are eligible for this compensation. So you don’t have to do anything yourself at this time.

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