Paying course fees

After you enrol in school, DUO will invoice you for the course fees.

How do you want to pay your course fees?

You can pay the 2023-2024course fees in different manners:

All at onceBetaalbaarheid In instalmentsIn termijnen betalen By someone elseIneens betalen
Pay €1,357 yourself. Pay 9 instalments of €150.78 by direct debit. Pay the full amount at once or in 9 instalments of €150.78 by direct debit.
The request for payment will be sent in the middle of September. Pay by iDEAL in Mijn DUO. Or use the payment details provided on your invoice. Request in Mijn DUO or use the 'Aanvraag termijnregeling lesgeld' form. You can do this from the middle of September.

Full amount at once: use the payment details provided on the invoice.

In 9 instalments: complete the ‘Aanvraag termijnregeling lesgeld’ form. In Mijn DUO, select payment by someone else when uploading the form.

In instalments

If you choose to pay in instalments, the course fees will be debited from your account in 9 instalments of €150.78 each on or around the 25th of each month. The 1st instalment will be debited in the 1st month following your request. It is not possible to request payment in more or fewer instalments, or on a different date.

How much and when to pay

After your request you will receive a notice. The notice states how much you will pay and when. You will find this information in Mijn DUO as well.

For instance:
Request before 1 October: 9 instalments, from 25 October up to 25 June.
Request before 1 November: 9 instalments, from 25 November up to 25 July.

Skipped direct debit payment

If a direct debit payment fails, we’ll send you a payment request. Use this to pay the overdue amount.

Course fees reimbursement

Do you receive student finance or a grant for students at secondary education? If you have a supplementary grant, this also includes a reimbursement for course fees. The amount is about €100 monthly.

Only if you are in full-time VAVO (secondary education for adults), the reimbursment will not be paid to you. Instead, the amount will be used to settle the course fees. If there are any course fees left, you will have to pay these yourself. You can pay the full amount at once or in instalments. You will be notified if this applies to you.