Naar Repaying your debt

Received too much student finance

A periodic check may show that you have received too much student finance. This means you owe money.

Deducting from your payments

As long as you receive money from DUO, we will deduct an amount from your payments each month to settle the resulting debt. In 2023, we are permitted to deduct up to € 182.66 per month. This amount may be higher if you have also received too much in tuition fee loans.

Repaying the excess as a lump sum

If we can no longer deduct the debt from your payments, you will receive a request for payment. You can repay the remaining debt in a single interest-free payment. The request for payment will include all payment information, such as the account number and payment reference.

Automatic conversion to a loan

If you do not repay the money before the due date stated on the request for payment, the remaining debt automatically becomes a loan. If you already have a student loan, the extra amount will be added to that. After you complete your studies, you have to repay your student loan on a monthly basis.

The new loan is covered by the same rules as any other student loan. This means you will pay interest, beginning from the month of the due date stated on the request for payment.


If you disagree with a decision, you can lodge an objection. This does not give you the right to delay payment of the debt.