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Student travel product fine

Disagree with fine

An OV fine is not the same as the performance-related grant for the student travel product. If you disagree with the OV fine, you can send a letter of objection.

An OV fine concerns a period of time when you used the student travel product, but were not eligible for it. You must always repay the OV fine.

The performance-related grant for the student travel product concerns a period when you had a student travel product and were eligible for it. Even if you are eligible for it, the student travel product is a loan that falls under the performance-related grant. For every month you have the student travel product rightfully in your possession, an amount is added as a loan. In Mijn DUO this is listed as ‘prestatiebeurs reisvoorziening’. However, if you graduate within 10 years, you won’t need to repay this loan.

Lodge an objection

Do you disagree with the OV fine? Then you can lodge an objection. Submit your letter of objection within 6 weeks of receiving the first letter about the fine.