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Student travel product fine

Paying the OV fine

You must pay the OV fine immediately after you have been notified of the fine. You will receive a payment request. There are 3 ways to pay your OV fine:

  • deducting from your student finance
  • repaying in a single payment
  • a repayment plan

Deducting from your student finance

If you are receiving student finance, we will deduct the fine from your student finance. In 2024, the maximum deduction is €200.93 per month (€182.66 in 2023).

Repaying in a single payment

If you no longer receive student finance, you can choose to pay the amount in a single payment. Please use the details on the payment request.

Have you lost your payment request? You can transfer the fine to Dienst Uitvoering Onderwijs, bank account number: NL45 INGB 0705 0019 03. Please mention your Dutch citizen service number (BSN).

Repayment plan

If you do not receive student finance anymore, you may also apply for a repayment plan

Not added to student debt

DUO collects the OV fine on behalf of the public transport companies. It is therefore not possible to add the OV fine to your regular student debt.