Working in childcare

Do you hold a diploma from an EEA member state Link opent externe pagina or Switzerland, and would you like to work indefinitely in the Dutch childcare sector? In that case, you need to apply for recognition of your foreign professional qualification.

If you would like to work in the Dutch childcare sector either occasionally or for a specified period, you will need to register that intention.

Diploma from outside the EEA and Switzerland

Did you obtain your diploma outside the EEA and Switzerland? Then you cannot apply to DUO for recognition of your foreign professional qualification. Contact the Dutch International Credential Evaluation (IcDW) Link opent externe pagina . They can assist you further.


  • You hold an EEA Link opent externe pagina or Swiss residency permit.
  • Your diploma was issued in an EEA member state or in Switzerland.
  • Your diploma is geared towards working with children and their development.
  • You are eligible to work with children in the relevant age group.
The full terms and conditions are laid down in the Regeling erkenning EU-beroepskwalificaties kinderopvangpersoneel Link opent externe pagina  (in Dutch only).

For which occupations?

You need to register or apply for recognition for the following occupations:

  • childminder
  • employee at a day-care centre
  • out-of-school care employee
  • multilingual out-of-school chilldcare employee
  • pre-school education employee

Apply for recognition professional qualifications

  1. Apply for recognition of your professional qualification online. Submit all requested supporting documents.
  2. If you cannot apply online, use the 'Recognition of EU professional childcare qualifications' form instead. The processing time of a form is slightly longer.

Apply for recognition professional qualification childcareApply for recognition professional qualification childcare

Would you like to work in the Dutch childcare sector either occasionally or for a specified period? Use the 'Application recognition or temporary service of EU professional qualifications for childcare employees' form for your registration.

What happens next

  • DUO will verify your diploma with the relevant authorities in the country where your diploma was issued.
  • If we cannot verify your diploma, we will ask you for a statement from your foreign educational institution. It must state which study program you have completed.
  • We will inform you of our decision. If you meet the conditions, you may work in childcare. If we reject your application or registration, you can lodge an objection.


The recognition of your foreign professional qualification or the registration of temporary or occasional work in childcare will be handled free of charge.


Please contact the Diploma Services Department if you have any questions. You can call us on weekdays from 9 a.m. to 12 noon on +31 50 599 77 78. Or send an email to