OV-chipkaart lost, defective or expired


Have you lost your OV-chipkaart? See studentenreisproduct.nl Link opent externe pagina for how-tos on travelling again as soon as possible.


Is your OV-chipkaart defective? First check whether you have negative credit on your card. If so, you will be unable to check in and your card will seem to be defective. If this situation does not apply to your card, go to a public transport company service desk with your card. See studentreisproduct.nl Link opent externe pagina for more information.


A personal OV-chipkaart is valid for 5 years. Will your card expire within 6 weeks? On studentenreisproduct.nl Link opent externe pagina you'll find information on how to continue traveling.

Temporary student travel product

If you want to continue to travel with your student travel product while waiting for your replacement card, you can apply for a temporary student travel product Link opent externe pagina.

Cancelling student travel product

Do you have to cancel your student travel product, but is your OV-chipkaart lost, defective or expired? Then see the Cancelling your student travel product page for more information.