You are eligible for a student travel product if you are doing a full-time course at MBO, HBO or university, even if you are not yet 18. Arranging the travel product takes time, so don't wait too long to apply. Do you have a foreign residential address? Then pass on that address to DUO, otherwise you will not be able to link the OV chip card.

What you need

Students from the Caribbean without a Citizen Service Number (BSN)

If you are a student from the Caribbean and do not yet have a BSN, you will initially receive a monthly allowance instead of the student travel product.

As soon as your BSN is known to us, you can arrange the student travel product. The monthly allowance will then be stopped.

Applying for HBO or university

If you are studying at HBO or university, apply for student finance. You will arrange the travel product as well. If you would like to get only the student travel product without a loan, you can specify this during your application.

Applying for MBO

If you are studying at MBO, you must be 18 in order to receive student finance. You can, however, receive the student travel product before you are 18 by applying for it in Mijn DUO.

Log in to Mijn DUOwith DigiD

Linking and collecting the travel product

After you have applied for the student travel product, you still need to link and collect it. Read the step-by-step plan.

  1. Wait for the welcome e-mail from (link in Dutch) Link opent externe pagina . You will receive this e-mail within 6 weeks before your travel product takes effect. If you submit your application later, you will receive the e-mail within 1 week after your application.
  2. Transfer the details of your personal OV chip card to This is called linking Link opent externe pagina . The welcome e-mail explains how linking works.
  3. Go to a pick-up machine and load the student travel product onto your OV chip card. In My DUO you can see when you will be able to collect the student travel product from the machine.

If you haven't received the welcome e-mail, go to Link opent externe pagina  and find out what to do.

When does it take effect?

The 'Validity' page shows when your travel product takes effect.