Before you apply, make sure you know how student finance works. Apply in time, preferably 3 months in advance.

Citizen service number required

In order to apply for student finance, you must have a citizen service number, in Dutch a 'burgerservicenummer' or 'bsn'. You automatically receive one when you register with a Dutch municipality.

Apply via Mijn DUO

  1. Apply for a DigiD on Link opent externe pagina . With a DigiD you can access online services offered by the Dutch government. You will receive an activation code within 3 working days of your application.
  2. Apply for a personal OV-chipkaart Link opent externe pagina . When you are entitled to student finance, you are allowed to use public transport for free on either weekends or weekdays. The student travel product can only be loaded onto a personal OV-chipkaart.
  3. Log in to Mijn DUO to apply for student finance. You can only log in with your DigiD.

Log in to Mijn DUOwith DigiD

Login problems

If you cannot log in to Mijn DUO, you can use a form. For higher professional education (HBO) or university, use the form Application student finance higher education. If you are enrolled in secondary vocational education (MBO), use the form Application student finance mbo. The processing time of a form is longer than a digital application.

Applying retroactively

You can apply for student finance retroactively, to the start of the study year (1 August for MBO, 1 September for HBO or university). You will receive a back payment for the months you have missed. Of course, you have to fulfil the conditions for student finance in those months as well. You cannot apply for a student travel product retroactively.

  1. Log in to Mijn DUO.
  2. Go to 'Mijn producten' and then 'Studiefinanciering'.
  3. Click on 'Studiefinanciering' in the top right. Here you find a green button 'Aanvraag studiefinanciering vervroegen', meaning 'moving up your student finance'.

Log in to Mijn DUOwith DigiD

Applying from the Dutch Caribbean

Do you live on Aruba, Curaçao, Sint Maarten or in the Caribbean Netherlands? Then the application procedure is a bit different. This is because you don't have a Dutch citizen service number ('burgerservicenummer') yet.

  1. Apply for student finance with the 'Aanvraag studiefinanciering mbo voor studenten uit het Caribisch gebied' form, or the 'Aanvraag studiefinanciering hoger onderwijs voor studenten uit het Caribisch gebied' form.
  2. Add all the required documents of proof to your application. The documents are mentioned on the application form.
  3. Within about 6 weeks we will process your application. You will then receive a letter from DUO and a 'Bevraging BSN' form. Bring this form with you to the Netherlands.
  4. Register yourself at the municipality as soon as you arrive in the Netherlands. The municipality will provide you with a burgerservicenummer.
  5. Inform us about your burgerservicenummer, your new address and your Dutch bank account number using the 'Bevraging BSN' form.

Public transport compensation

If you don't have a burgerservicenummer yet, you will receive a monthly financial compensation for public transport ('ov-vergoeding') instead of the student travel product. As soon as we have processed your burgerservicenummer, you can apply for the student travel product. The compensation will then be stopped.


The checklist will tell you what to do when. Both for your student finance and other things you need to take care of in the Netherlands.