Full university or HBO programme abroad

Are you planning on completing a full degree programme at a university of applied sciences or research university abroad? Then it depends on the country and the degree programme whether or not you are eligible for student finance. You will also need to comply with the other conditions.

Country and programme

You may be eligible for student finance for degree programmes at universities of applied sciences and research universities around the world. On behalf of DUO, Nuffic assesses whether or not the degree programme of your choice entitles you to student finance. Based on the valuation criteria and country list, you can get an idea of whether you might be eligible. Is the country you plan to study in not included on the list? The list is not exhaustive; there may be more countries.

Are you unsure whether or not your degree programme abroad entitles you to student finance? Then simply apply for student finance. DUO will find out for you whether or not you are entitled to student finance. There is no point in contacting Nuffic to discuss this topic.

Other conditions

  • You comply with the general terms and conditions for student finance.
  • Are you completing a transition year, foundation year or pre-Master’s? You will only receive student finance if you are enrolled as a Bachelor’s student (full-time or work-study).
  • You do not receive student finance from a foreign government.
  • You have been a legal resident of the European part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands for at least 3 years of the last 6 years. The following exceptions apply:

Worked abroad for a Dutch government organisation

Have you, or one or both of your parents, ever worked for a Dutch government organisation abroad? Then this period counts as ‘living in the Netherlands’.

Previous studies abroad

Were you previously enrolled in a degree programme abroad and did you receive student finance for this? Or would this programme entitle you to student finance now? Then this period does not count as ‘living in the Netherlands’.

Nationality of an EEA member state or Switzerland

Are you a citizen of an EEA member state that is not the Netherlands, or are you from Switzerland? If you comply with the nationality requirement, the 4th additional condition does not apply.

Dutch citizen in an EEA member state or Switzerland

Are you Dutch but do you live in another EEA member state? Or in Switzerland? If you do not comply with the 4th additional condition, you can still receive student finance if you can prove your connection to the Netherlands. You will need to be proficient in Dutch at least. You can demonstrate this by submitting a copy of your NT2 diploma (link in Dutch). In addition, you must comply with 1 of the following requirements:

  • You have followed at least 6 consecutive years of primary or secondary education in the Netherlands, or
  • you were a legal resident of the Netherlands for at least 3 years.
  • You worked for at least 56 hours per month in the Netherlands during at least 3 years.
  • Your parent or partner worked for at least 56 hours per month in the Netherlands during at least 3 years.
  • Your parent or partner lived in the Netherlands legally for at least 3 years.

Are you planning on enrolling in a degree programme in Flanders? Then additional conditions apply to the manner in which you will be enrolled:

  • Per academic year, you are enrolled for at least 30 credits in a Bachelor’s, Associate’s, or Master’s degree programme. Any credits obtained in a transition or preparatory programme do not count.
  • You are registered based on what is called a diploma contract.

Living away from home

Will you be considered as living away from home when you move abroad? Then you will be entitled to a grant for students living independently, even if you remain registered at your parents’ address.

  • Log in to Mijn DUO to update your living situation.
  • Go to ‘Mijn producten’.
  • Click ‘Studiefinanciering’.
  • Select your living situation from ‘Soort studiefinanciering’.

Students in the border region (Belgium and Germany) may be asked to provide a copy of their rental contract afterwards.


Is this the first time you are applying for student finance? Please ensure that you submit your application 3 months in advance, and preferably even earlier. This way, you will find out on time about your eligibility for student finance for a degree programme abroad. Follow these steps:

  1. Apply for a DigiD Link opent externe pagina . DigiD is your log-in code for all government services. Once you have registered, you will receive a letter with your log-in details within 3 business days.
  2. Log in to Mijn DUO to apply for student finance.

Log in to Mijn DUOwith DigiD

No access to Mijn DUO

If you cannot apply using Mijn DUO, you can use the Application student finance higher education for study programmes abroad form.

I am already receiving student finance

Are you already receiving student finance or a student travel product? Then you will not need to apply for student finance again:

  1. Add your new degree programme outside of the Netherlands by going to Mijn DUO and choosing the tab ‘Mijn studies en diploma’s’.
  2. Apply for your public transport allowance using the ‘Wijzigingen student hoger onderwijs buitenland’ form.
  3. Before you leave, cancel your student travel product.

Log in to Mijn DUOwith DigiD

Eligible for how long?

We look at the duration of comparable degree programmes in the Netherlands. This assessment determines your eligibility for student finance for a programme abroad. Even if your foreign programme is officially longer or shorter than its Dutch counterpart.


DUO will check whether or not you are still enrolled in your foreign degree programme once a year. DUO will ask you to provide proof of enrolment.

Are you paying a higher tuition fee than the amount established by law, and have you applied for credit to pay for this? Then you will also need to submit a declaration for a tuition fee loan every year. Read more about checks.

Returning to the Netherlands

Have you completed an entire degree programme abroad? Then you will need to arrange for the following when you return to the Netherlands:

  • Reregister with your municipality. The municipality will automatically pass on your new address to DUO, you don’t have to tell us separately.
  • Have you completed your studies? Stop your student finance.
  • Are you planning to continue your studies in the Netherlands? Please inform us about your new programme. This way you can also apply for your student finance and student travel product.
  • Did you obtain your diploma abroad? In most cases, you will need to provide us with a certified copy of your diploma.