Additional earnings

From 2020 your income has no effect on your student finance. The additional earnings threshold does not apply any more.

Additional earnings threshold in 2019

Until 2020 an additional earnings threshold applied. For 2019 this was € 14,682.96. If you earned more in 2019, you have received a notice about this. Read more about us checking your 2019 income. 

Which income counted

We only looked at your own income. This referred to your gross income or taxable wage. Your partner’s income was not included.

Additional earnings included more than any earnings from a part-time job. The leaflet about additional earnings mentions what was and wasn’t included. And how much you could earn in 2019. 

If you exceeded the additional earnings threshold without stopping your student finance, you will have to repay the amount that you earned above the threshold.

No additional earnings due to disability

Are you eligible for student finance and able to study? But are you unable to work beside your studies due to your disability? If so, you can apply for ‘studietoeslag’ (study benefit) Link opent externe pagina with your municipality.