Foreign diploma

Have you graduated abroad? A foreign diploma too can lead to your student debt, or part of it, being converted into a gift. But this does not happen automatically.

Send your diploma and list of marks

Send a certified copy of your foreign diploma and list of marks to DUO as quickly as possible. You must in any case do this within 15 years after receiving your first student finance. Do not forget to provide your signature and to state your citizen service number (burgerservicenummer). The address is:

Dienst Uitvoering Onderwijs
Verzoek omzetting prestatiebeurs
Postbus 50021
9702 BA Groningen
The Netherlands

A certified copy is a copy with a stamp and signature from the school. You can also have a certified copy issued by one of our Service Desks. Take your original diploma and list of marks with you.

When a gift?

Conversion of a provisional loan to a gift takes place in January after you have graduated. You are notified about this at the end of January.

Are you already repaying on a compulsory basis? Then we will continue to debit your monthly payment up to and including January. After January, you will get back any excess amounts you have paid. If we convert only a part of your student finance into a gift, then the debit order will remain in force.