What do you need to arrange?

Enter your details in the update assistant Wijzigingshulp opleiding (in Dutch only). Within a minute, you will know what you need to arrange with DUO.

Ending enrolment in your study programme

You need to end enrolment in your study programme. Have you attended secondary education (VMBO, HAVO or VWO), or MBO? Then you should arrange this with the school.

Have you attended HBO (higher professional education) or university? Then you arrange this in Studielink Link opent externe pagina .

Reimbursement of tuition fees

Are you attending MBO or VAVO (secondary education for adults) and are you paying tuition fees? Then sometimes you can be reimbursed a part of the tuition fees. You must apply for this on the last day of the school year at the latest.

You do not pay tuition fees for higher education to DUO. If you have questions about reimbursement of these tuition fees, please contact your school or university.

Student debt

Now that you have graduated, this may mean that your debt is reduced or completely cancelled. This often happens automatically but sometimes you need to do something yourself. Have you obtained a foreign diploma? Then go to go to Foreign diploma to see what you need to do. For a Dutch diploma, go to Gift or loan.