Gift or provisional loan

HBO or university

Have you attended higher professional education (HBO) or university? Then your student travel product and any supplementary grant are a provisional loan. The same applies to your regular grant, if you have received this.

If you have graduated within 10 years, then your travel product becomes a gift in full. The number of years of grant that become a gift depends on the value of your diploma.

Value of HBO or university diploma
Diploma Number of years of grant as a gift
Associate degree 2 years
HBO Bachelor 4 years
Bachelor + 1-year HBO Master 5 years
Bachelor + 1,5-year HBO Master* 5 years  and 6 months
Bachelor + 2-year HBO Master* 6 years
Bachelor + 2,5-year HBO Master* 6 years and 6 months
Bachelor + 3-year HBO Master* 7 years 
Bachelor + 4-year HBO Master* 8 years 
University Bachelor 3 years 
University Bachelor + 1-year university Master 4 years 
University Bachelor + 2-year university Master 5 years
University Bachelor + 3-year university Master 6 years

* Only if you obtain your diploma after 1 September 2021. If you obtained your diploma before September 2021, 5 years of your grant will become a gift. 

Have you received student finance and/or a student travel product for HBO or university? This provisional loan does not become a gift if you obtain an MBO diploma at Level 3 or 4.

University Bachelor or Associate degree

Your provisional loan does not automatically become a gift if you have obtained a university Bachelor or an Associate degree. This only happens if you obtain an HBO Bachelor or a Master. Or, in the case of a university Bachelor, in the year before you need to begin repayment.

Do not wish to wait for this? Then please contact us by telephone or send a written request. Do not forget to provide your signature and to state your citizen service number (burgerservicenummer). The address is:

Dienst Uitvoering Onderwijs
Verzoek omzetting prestatiebeurs
Zuid 17
Postbus 50021
9702 BA Groningen
The Netherlands

Secondary vocational education

The number of years of grant that become a gift depends on the level of your secondary vocational education (MBO).

Your grant and student travel product for MBO 1 or 2 are always a gift. You do not need to do anything about this.

Have you done MBO 3 or 4? Then your student travel product, regular grant and supplementary grant are a provisional loan. If you have graduated within 10 years, then your grant and your travel product become a gift in full. Your debt is then reduced or completely cancelled.

Valid diplomas

The following diplomas are valid for conversion of your performance-related grant loan in MBO (secondary vocational education):

  • vocational training (level 3)
  • management training (level 4)
  • approved study programmes abroad (level 3 or 4)
  • specialist training (level 4)
  • work-based pathway (level 3 or 4)
  • higher professional education (HBO) (also Associate degree)
  • university

The study programme for which the diploma has been obtained must be entered in the Central Register of Professional Training Courses (CREBO).

When a gift?

Conversion of a provisional loan to a gift takes place in January after you have graduated. You are notified about this at the end of January.

Are you already repaying on a compulsory basis? Then we will continue to debit your monthly payment up to and including January. After January, you will get back any excess amounts you have paid. If we convert only a part of your student finance into a gift, then the debit order will remain in force.

Have your borrowed an extra amount? You must always repay such a loan.