Naar Funding for school and studies

Study voucher allowance

New scheme: money instead of study voucher

Since 1 september 2023, you get a financial compensation instead of the study voucher. This money will be offset against your student debt or paid to you if you no longer have any outstanding student debt. It does not matter if you are starting a new study programme or not.


  • You received your first month of student finance for a bachelor programme in the period September 2015 up to and including August 2019.
  • Within 10 years of the start of your student grant you obtained an HBO diploma (Bachelor) or full university diploma (Bachelor + Master).
  • You have not yet used a study voucher or you have used your study voucher for less than the maximum amount.

If you obtained your diploma outside of the Netherlands, you will need to send a certified copy of your diploma to DUO.

Amount and payment

The amount of the compensation may vary per year, but it is about €1,800.

  • If your student debt is higher than the compensation, the compensation will be offset against the debt. It is not possible to have the compensation paid to you or to use it for a new education programme.
  • If your student debt is lower than the compensation, the compensation is offset against your debt until it is completely settled. The remainder of the compensation will be paid to you.
  • If you do not have a student debt, the compensation will be paid to you.

If you used part of your study voucher for a new degree programme, your compensation amounts to the remaining value of your voucher.

If you obtained your diploma in or before 2024, the compensation will be granted in January 2025. If you obtain your diploma in 2025 or after, you will get the money after DUO has been informed about your diploma by the educational institution.

No need to apply

You do not need to apply for the compensation. You will automatically receive a notice from DUO.