12 extra travel months

Are you studying at HBO or university? Then you will receive 12 extra travel months. MBO students do not receive these extra months. By default they are longer entitled to a student travel product (a maximum of 7 years).


  • You are enrolled as a full-time or dual student on an HBO or university programme.
  • The programme makes you eligible to student finance.
  • In the period from March up to and including December 2020 you were also enrolled on an HBO or university programme, for at least 1 month.
  • You were entitled to at least 1 month student travel product or public transport compensation between March up to and including December 2020. Did you forgo this? Then you only get the extra months if you received at least 1 month of grant or loan between March up to and including December 2020.
I have already received 3 extra travel months

Have you already received 3 extra travel months in 2020? Then we will automatically grant you the additional 9 months.

In most cases, no need to apply

In most cases, you don't need to apply for the extra months yourself. Then we already added them. You can see them in Mijn DUO, under 'Mijn gegevens'.

If you do need to apply for them yourself, we sent you a notice about this in March 2021.

Starting date extra travel months

The 12 extra travel months start automatically after the last month of your regular travel months. You can use these months as long as you are registered for a course that makes you eligible for student finance. In Mijn DUO you can see how long you are still entitled.

I have already used up my travel months

Even if you’ve already used up your regular travel months, the extra months will be added.

Did your last month of entitlement to the travel product end a year ago, or longer? Then you won't benefit from the extra months, because the 12 months have already passed. You will not get compensation for this. Any possible travel product fines for that period, however, will be cancelled.