Your income

How much you have to pay back each month depends upon how much you owe, including interest. DUO may also take your income into account (including your partner’s income, if applicable).

Which income?

We look at your income from 2 years ago. We call this the reference year. We obtain the details of your income from the tax authorities (Belastingdienst). If you file tax returns, we consider your aggregate income. Otherwise, we use the taxable salary shown on your annual tax assessment(s). In some cases you may have to provide us with details of your income yourself – for example, if you earn money abroad.

Falling income

If your income has fallen since the reference year, you can ask us to look at a more recent year. We call this changing the reference year.

Income outside the Netherlands

If you live abroad or have a foreign income, we are often unable to request details from the relevant tax authorities. In these cases you have to notify us yourself.

You automatically receive a message about the supporting documents we need. Check Mijn DUO to make sure that we have your current address. If the address shown is incorrect, you can update it in Mijn DUO or using the form Wijziging terugbetalen studieschuld.

Documentary evidence of foreign income

If there is foreign income, we need an income statement from the tax authorities of that country. This document is also required if you have no income.

  • Is the income on the statement lower than the equivalent of € 8,000? If so, you need to include evidence of the additional nontaxable benefits you received.
  • Are you self-employed, and does the income statement not state the profit before tax? Then you need to send a statement from the accountant mentioning the profit before tax.
  • Do you live outside the EU/EEA and is it not possible to get an income statement from the tax authorities? In that case, you must enclose a copy of the annual statement or a copy of all pay slips as evidence.
  • Do you want to change the reference year to a year that has not yet passed? Then you must enclose pay slips for the months in that year that have already passed. 
  • Are you self-employed and have you been granted a deferral in submitting your tax return? Then you need to send a statement of income from your accountant. This must show your full income for the entire year. We do not base our assessment upon your net disposable income.

The statement must be in German, English, French or Dutch. Is the statement in another language? Then have your statement translated and enclose a copy of the original statement.

Income in the Dutch Caribbean

If you live in the Dutch Caribbean, we first request details of your income directly from the tax authorities of Aruba, Curaçao, Sint Maarten or the Caribbean Netherlands (Bonaire, St Eustatius, Saba). If they are unable to provide that information, you must do so yourself by submitting the Machtiging verklaring inkomstenbelasting.

Disagreeing with your foreign income

Do you disagree with the gross foreign income we registered, because your tax deductions have not been taken into account? Please contact the Dutch Tax and Customs Administration Link opent externe pagina . They can recalculate your income, using the Dutch tax rules.