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Student travel product fine

Repayment plan

You can only set up a repayment plan if you meet the following conditions:

  • You do not receive student finance anymore.
  • You applied for a repayment plan before the due date of the payment request.
  • You cancelled your student travel product.
  • You pay by direct debit.


  1. Log in to Mijn DUO to apply for a repayment plan. 
  2. Choose between €135 or €45 monthly instalments. A different amount is not possible.

Log in to Mijn DUOwith DigiD

Received a reminder? Use a form

Did you receive a reminder (‘herinnering’)? Then you cannot apply for a repayment plan in Mijn DUO. Please use the ‘Aanvraag betalingsregeling ov-boete’ form instead.


Because you are using a repayment plan, you are due legal interest. The legal interest is currently 7% and is calculated yearly. 


If you apply for a repayment plan, you authorize DUO to automatically debit the instalments from your bank account every month. We will do this until your fine has been paid. We will debit your account around the 25th of the month.

Changing your bank account number

Do you want us to debit the instalments from another account number? Please send us the ‘Wijziging rekeningnummer betalingsregeling ov-boete’ form.

Repayment plan has expired

Has your repayment plan expired because you missed a payment? You can call us to restart your payment plan only once. Call us before the due date on the final demand (‘aanmaning’).