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Reporting fraud

Do you suspect that someone you know may be committing student finance fraud? Then please let us know. If you discover a possible scam or case of phishing, we also want to know. Your information will be treated in the strictest confidence.

Report suspected fraud via email at or call +31 50 599 77 55. Do you want to give us an anonymous tip? Please send a letter to the following address:

Afdeling Kwaliteit/Handhaving en Inspectie
P.O. Box 30155
9700 LG Groningen

What information do we need?

Please include the following information. Unable to answer some of the questions? Please pass on what you do know.

  • Do you know what type of student finance is involved in the fraud?
  • When did the fraud start?
  • How is the fraud being committed?
  • Personal information about the person suspected of fraud:
    - Name
    - Telephone number
    - Address
    - Postcode and city
  • Your own information (unless you wish to remain anonymous):
    - Name
    - Telephone number
    - Email address

Status of report

All reports are investigated. We may contact you by email or telephone if we have any questions, unless your report was made anonymously.

The Personal Data Protection Act and our duty of confidentiality prevent us from informing you on the status of your report.