Are you a victim in the so-called ‘toeslagenaffaire’, concerning unjustly reclaimed childcare benefits? As soon as the Tax and Customs Administration forwards your contact details to DUO, we will contact you in person. Until then, if you receive a letter about your debt and have a question about it, please contact us.

You do not have to pay off your student loan immediately. Once your student finance ends, a preliminary phase begins on 1 January of the following year. This is a period of 2 years during which you do not have to make any repayments. However, interest does continue to accrue during this phase.

When the preliminary phase ends after 2 years, the repayment phase begins. From this moment on, you are required to make monthly payments.

If you return to education during the preliminary phase, it can be put on hold. This applies even if you do not receive student finance for your further studies.

Repaying Lifelong Learning Credit

If you have to repay Lifelong Learning Credit (Levenlanglerenkrediet), the mandatory repayment period begins earlier. When exactly depends upon the type of education you have completed. You can read more about this under Lifelong Learning Credit.

How much do you pay?

How much you have to repay each month depends upon the amount you owe, including interest. DUO can also take your income into account.

You can use the calculation tool to estimate the amount of your monthly repayments.

For how long do you pay?

You have either 15 or 35 years to pay off your student loan. Which of these periods applies depends upon the repayment rules for your particular situation.

Repaying outside the Netherlands

If you live outside the Netherlands, there are various ways to repay your loan.

Reduced or zero repayments

In certain situations, you can reduce your repayments or pay nothing at all.

Early or additional repayments

You can also choose to make early or additional repayments. Several options are available.