Since 1 September 2023, the study voucher scheme has changed. You will get money or a discount on your student debt instead of credit for a new education programme. 

Old scheme: credit for a new education programme

Under the old scheme the study voucher was a credit for a new education programme. You could use the voucher to pay the tuition fees for a new degree programme. More about the old study voucher scheme

New scheme: money instead of study voucher

If you haven’t (fully) used the study voucher, the new scheme automatically applies to you. This means you are eligible for a compensation of about €1,800. It does not make a difference if you are starting a new study programme. More about the new study voucher scheme

Why a study voucher?

By introducing the loan system, the government aimed to invest even more into the quality of higher education. The 1st group of students under this loan system did not yet fully benefit from this investment. The study voucher scheme is intended to meet the needs of this group.