Leniency 56 hours requirement EU/EEA, Swiss and UK students

Are you an EU/EEA, Swiss or UK student? And are you receiving student finance because you work in the Netherlands? Then we were temporarily lenient with the 56 hours requirement.

Up to and including July

The leniency lasted up to and including July 2021. As of August you have to work 56 hours per month again.

Fewer hours worked

You have to work for at least 56 hours per month to remain eligible for student finance. Maybe this wasn't possible for you because of the coronavirus measures. DUO took this into account. There were 3 conditions.


  • In 2020 you worked for 56 hours in at least 1 month.
  • You received student finance for this month.
  • You are able to prove that you worked fewer hours because of the corona measures.

No need to apply

You did not need to apply for the leniency. 


Any questions about this measure? Call our EU Info Line: +31 50 599 77 11