You have to pay interest on your student loan. This is compound interest, meaning that that interest is also charged on the interest already accrued. Interest begins accruing in the 1st month after your receive your loan.

Pre-1992 loans

If you first received a student loan before 1992, then the interest on it only started to accrue from 1 January of the year after your entitlement to student finance ended.

How much interest do you pay?

The rate of interest you pay depends upon the year in which you were last entitled to a student grant, loan or travel product (public transport pass). You can look this up in the list of interest rates (in Dutch only).

If you are not sure when your entitlement to a student grant, loan or travel product ended, you can also find your interest rate in Mijn DUO and in your Bericht terugbetalen.

Changes to interest rates

For as long as you are entitled to student finance, your rate of interest is revised every calendar year. After that, it is fixed for 5 years at a time. If and when your rate changes, you will be notified.

Non-deductible in the Netherlands

The interest payable on your student loan is not tax-deductible in the Netherlands. For this reason, we do not send you annual statements.

Do you file tax returns abroad? In some countries the interest on student debts is deductible. For more information, contact the tax authorities of the country concerned.