If you are enrolled as a student in university, higher professional education, or secondary vocational education, you can apply for student finance. You must be a Dutch national or have the same rights. This means non-Dutch can also apply for student finance.

Do you fail to meet the nationality criteria for student finance? Then you may still qualify for a tuition fees loan.


Your eligibility depends on your nationality or residency status, your age and your course.

Different components

Student finance for higher education comprises 4 components: a regular interest bearing loan, a student travel product, a supplementary grant and a tuition fee loan. If you follow a course in secondary vocational education, you can also get a basic grant.

Government plans

The government wants to reinstate the basic grant for HBO and university students. These plans will be definite only after they have passed through Dutch parliament (the Tweede Kamer and Eerste Kamer). Read more

Single parent

Are you single and raising a child? Then you may be eligible for extra student finance for single parents.

How much is it?

Go to Amounts to find out how much student finance you can get. Student finance is paid around the 24th of each month.

Gift or interest bearing loan

You always have to pay back the loan, with interest. But the student travel product and grant are a 'performance grant'. They are converted into a gift, interest included, if you graduate within 10 years. Otherwise you have to repay those as well.

Withdrew during your 1st year

Did you withdraw from secondary vocational education (MBO) level 3 or 4, university, or higher vocational education (HBO) during the 1st year you received student finance for it? Then you may not have to repay your grant and travel product.